The Many Reasons behind the Rising Popularity of Responsive Website

Responsive website seems to be the trending SEO strategy helping websites to improve their search engine rankings while enriching the user experience. The increasing usage of mobile phones and tablets in addition to the desktops can be deemed as the factors that have given rise to its need and popularity.

Search Engine Friendly

Perhaps one of the most distinct advantages associated with these websites is their ability to do well in the search engine results as search engines including Google have a clear preference for these websites. No doubt search engines seek to offer the most relevant and user friendly results and are always on the watch out for bounce back from websites which are an indication of the user dissatisfaction whether resulting from the content quality or the user experience.

Economical Option

Apart from improving search engine rankings responsive website seem to have reduced the cost associated with development of an additional mobile site. Not only does the business save the cost associated with development of the additional site but also saves the amount associated with its maintenance.

This means that businesses can save both resources and efforts required to develop and maintain two sites and can therefore, dedicate their attention and keep their focus on a single site to help it perform at the optimal.

• Reduce SEO Efforts

The SEO efforts, in the absence of this design, are doubled to boost the rankings of the separate mobile and desktop sites. However, with this your SEO team has to focus on a single site which not only reduces your SEO cost and efforts but also improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Easy Monitoring

Similarly, responsive website makes it easier to analyze and monitor your site performance as it allows for a consolidated report and analytics for the website.

No doubt, more and more businesses are turning to this design to gain advantage of improved efficiency, improved search engine visibility, rankings, cost and efforts reduction along with better analysis of performance.

• The Top 5 Benefits of a Content Management System

Content Management System is a computer application employed for the purpose of organizational content management. The users make use of a central interface to publish, modify, organize, edit, maintain and delete content.

Look Into the Company Expertise and Experience

1) Facilitates the Addition of Fresh and Updated Content

The addition of fresh and updated data improves your search engine rankings and your website visibility as search engines are always on the outlook for fresh and updated content. Since it allows alerts, the system actually notifies you to update your content.

2) You do not Need Special Technical Skills or Expertise to Work on It

This is one of the distinct advantages associated with it as users do not need a high level of expertise or technical knowledge to work on it. The system is fairly easy to be used and therefore, everyone in your organization can work and take advantage of the system.

3) Provides Room for Multiple Users

This is another advantage associated with it as it allows multiple users to provide input to your web pages without compromising on the permission protocol or overriding your authority to allow content publishing or making it live.

4) Facilitates Collaboration

Content management system allows your team to collaborate in the process of creation, editing, approval and publishing of content. Therefore, your team can work together for the creation and publishing of organizational content.

5) Boosts Your Search Engine Rankings

An added advantage of this system is that it optimizes your web pages so it becomes easier for the search engine bolts to index your content and improve your visibility in the search results.

To conclude, content management system simply revolutionizes the way you create, edit, update and publish your organizational content to improve your search engine visibility and ranking.

Essential Features of a Good Web Design

Web design plays a very crucial role in the success of your website. Though content is regarded as the king yet the design plays a very important role in gaining better search engine rankings and encouraging users to visit and stay loyal to your website.

Let’s have a look into the essential features of a good webpage design

1) Responsive Website

Responsive website is one of the most important features of a good design. Today, a large number of users use tablets and mobile in addition to desktops to access websites. Similarly, a significant part of the online purchases are also carried out through mobiles therefore, a responsive website is among the most crucial features of a good design that makes it accessible to the majority of users and render it more profitable.

2) Quick Upload

Quick uploading is another prerequisite of a good web design as bounce back rate from a website which takes long to load is high. This bounce back rate not only lowers your search engine rankings but also leave a bad impression on your users. Research suggests that users avoid clicking on a website that takes longer to load and have a clear preference for the ones which offer quick upload.

3) Easy Navigation

Users feel frustrated when the website does not offer easy navigation and renders it difficult for them to access the information they are looking for at the website. Easy navigation is therefore, an integral part of a good user experience without which the website is sure to be viewed negatively both by the users and the search engine.

4) Security Features

Security is also important feature of a good design as users are not likely to visit or do transactions with a website which does not have adequate security features.

These are the top 4 essential features of a good web design which play an important role in gaining better search engine rankings and offering a rich user experience.

Ecommerce Website SEO Challenges

SEO for ecommerce website is far more challenging job than doing SEO for an ordinary website. There are various reasons why it is considered a job which requires a great deal of expertise, research and staying updated on the latest and emerging SEO techniques.

Below we will take a look into some of these challenges.

1) Multiple Keywords

This is the biggest challenge faced by the SEO professionals as unlike the ordinary sites which are optimized for one or more keywords, these sites are required to be optimized for several keywords.

When a website is optimized for multiple keywords especially on a single page it becomes difficult for the search engine to identify and index the key words. Experts therefore, suggest that a separate page should be created for each keyword so the search engine may identify and index each and every keyword for the website.

2) Diluted SEO

Diluted SEO is another challenge associated with ecommerce website. While a product may receive good traffic therefore, increasing your search engine ranking, another product being offered on the same website may fail to receive the same amount of traffic thus lowering your search engine ranking. This leads to diluted SEO where the overall search engine ranking of the website suffers owing to certain products not doing well.

3) Diluted Audience

Though your SEO efforts may succeed in bring a significant amount of traffic to your website it may not necessarily translate into sales as most of the traffic that is coming to your website may not be entering your website with the intent of purchase. Therefore, an increased traffic does not necessarily mean increased sales.

These are some of the Ecommerce website SEO challenges that make SEO a far more challenge job for these websites.

Factors to Look Out While Selecting a Web Development Company

Web development is a very important part of your business therefore, it is utmost necessary that you entrust this work to the best web development company.

If you are on the lookout for a web development company, paying attention to the following factors will help you hire the best company for the job.

1) Expertise and Technical Knowledge

It is important that you select a company that has the expertise and technical knowledge required for the job. It is a good idea to interview several companies before you finally decide on the one right for you. Similarly, it is good idea to do your homework so you may have a list of relevant questions to ask the potential vendor.

2) Experience

You would also like to know the experience the web development company has in the field of web development in general and your area of web development in particular.

3) Ask for a List of Their Satisfied Clients

Do not forget to ask the company of a list of the clients and customers they have served. You can be assured that a professional company will not hesitate to provide you a list of their satisfied clients. After you have obtained the list it is a good idea to contact the clients to know about their experience with the company and its services.

4) Time Frame and After Sales Services

To avoid any delays, acrimony, miscommunication and misunderstandings it is better to decide upon a time frame for the work and to inquire of the after sales services that the company is likely to provide you.

5) Budget

Budget is another important factor to consider while you select a company. Though you may love the work the company does yet it may not fall within your budget. However, it is a good idea to be flexible when it comes to budget. Similarly, your negotiating skills may also help you strike a deal within your favor.

Satisfying yourself in the above aspects will help ensure that you hire the best web development company for the job.

Why Hire Professional SEO Services for Your Business

Though content is regarded as the king it still needs SEO to gain exposure and reach out to its potential customers. This is where the SEO steps in as it is recognized as an effective means to gain exposure for your content, business and its offerings. Below we will take a look into why you should hire only the professional SEO services for your business.

• Improves Your Search Engine Visibility

Professional services help your business improve its search engine visibility which allows your business to be noticed by the audiences and users

• Improves Your Ranking

These not only help improve your search engine visibility but also help improve your rankings on the search engine. The better your ranking on the search engine the better are your chances of being noticed by your potential customers and increasing your revenue figure.

• Generates Traffic

By improving search engine visibility and ranking, it helps generates more traffic to your website. As a result of this increased traffic your business gains more exposure and your ranking further improves

• Helps You Outshine Your Competitors

It helps you outshine your competitors and their product/services by placing your business offerings in the top search engine results. Since people trust the search engine results they also place trust on your product/services which helps you business and your product/services to obtain goodwill and customer trust.

• Raises Awareness about your Brand

By generating more traffic to your web pages, SEO services raise awareness about your brand.

• Boosts Sales

Your business sales boost as a result of the increased traffic and increased awareness about your products/services.

• Reduce Marketing and Advertisement Cost

SEO helps your business get noticed and therefore, reduce your indirect marketing and advertising cost to boost profitability

Therefore, SEO services can help you create brand awareness, improve search engine visibility, ranking, reduce your indirect marketing and advertisement cost and boost your sales.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Businesses in this age of technology, development and evolution need a sever hosting that has the potential to meet their growth, facilitate it to keep pace with the technological evolvement. Similarly, the server hosting should allow businesses the freedom and flexibility to bring about prompt changes to adopt technology, evolve, facilitate growth and keep pace with the competition.

Below we will take a look into the benefits of dedicated server hosting and help you understand why this is the right choice for your business. • Reliability

• Reliability

This is far more reliable than shared hosting. Since a shared hosting is being shared by several clients there is always a risk that your website may suffer owing to other websites taking more resources. However, when you chose a dedicated server this means that you do not have to share the bandwidth and resources with other website and therefore, have the entire resources at your disposal making it easier for you to offer your users a rich experience.

• Security

Security is another distinct feature associated with it as the shared hosting services are not able to offer the level of security which dedicated server does. Since all the resources on the server belong to you and there is no sharing security is no longer a concern for you.

• Flexibility

Flexibility is another feature associated with dedicated server. It takes special importance in the scenario of growing businesses that require more space and flexibility since they are growing and evolving and therefore, need flexibility in their hosting services.

• Administrative Access

Administrative access is another feature associated with dedicated server which allows you unlimited freedom to install and configure. Similarly, administrative access also makes it possible for you to monitor your server resources and identify any potential issues, discrepancies and resolve these promptly.

Thus dedicated serve hosting is just the right choice for businesses as it offers them the potential to grow, adopt technology, evolve, keep pace with the latest developments and outshine competition.